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About K2- Touching the Sky

About K2

I was inspired by this film after watching a pilot: I saw a conversation between a 3 years old daughter of a famous Polish alpinist Halina Syrokomska. The mother asked her daughter if she wants to hear a bedtimes story about the mountains, The little girl frowned, curled herself up and said: NO! Then I realized how traumatic is the problem of her mother leaving her behind to pursue her passion while traveling to far way places to climb mountains and risking her life. On the other hand I felt very strongly compelled by the subject: are we allowed as mothers to pursue our vocation? our passion? At what cost? What do our children feel or what would they think of us once we are gone? This is what made me involved with this film. Eliza, the director is a climber and she is now a mother, too - it's an intimate account of personal experience, but we all can identify with this dilemma.

I was involved with the film since early development (2013) - as a producer I was present during the process of the concept development, characters research, meeting with characters before the filming.

I was also responsible for putting the budget together (it was a coproduction between HBO Europe, Insel Film Produktion in Germany (who provided a deal with Austrian TV - Servus TV with support of Polish Film Institute) and my own company in London: Braidmade Films).

I was also a producer/production manager during the 5 weeks filming in Pakistan (in Karakoram) - I was there during the shoot.

After the shoot, I was the post-production supervisor of the film and instrumental in finding the international sales and distribution agent. I also personally took on organisation cinema screenings in London:) where I presented the film.

As you can see - I'm very close to this film at every stage of its creation. I was very close to Eliza, the director - as we worked on a different film before, we work always in close creative partnership.

By Monika Braid

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