Grab your camera and show the world what is sacred to you!
New York’s public television station wants you to contribute to SACRED, a global crowdsourced documentary celebrating a year of spiritual and religious life around the world
Filming kicks off on the summer solstice, June 21, 2013 and
lasts through June 21, 2014
Starting on June 21, 2013, New York’s WLIW21 invites contributors from around the world to send in footage that answers the question: “What is sacred to you?” A selection of the footage shot during the 365-day filming period will be edited together into a sweeping mosaic portrait of spiritual and religious life on earth.
All are welcome to contribute to Sacred, and everyone whose footage is selected for the film will receive a stipend and onscreen recognition.Sacred will premiere in 2015 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City and The Israel Museum in Jerusalem, and be seen by public television audiences across the United States.
We are looking for dramatic, uplifting footage of spiritual moments and religious events.  Any event—personal or public, small or large—that can be called sacred is up for inclusion in the final film. Examples include: a rite of passage, a pilgrimage, a big religious holiday from a personal point of view, a daily ritual, a family tradition, or a trip to a holy place.
Learn how to send us your footage by going to
Sacred will celebrate all spiritual traditions and expressions of spirituality. Here is just a small selection of the events we want footage of: Epiphany in Barcelona + Gathering of Nations in New Mexico  + Bhutan Yana in Bali + Eid al-Fitr in Doha + Bodhi Day in Kamakura + Khordad Sal in Gujarat + Qingming in Hong Kong + Timkat in Addis Ababa + Lailat al Bara’ah in Colombo + Tevet in Jerusalem + Easter in Rome + Seokatansinil in Seoul + Mawlid an Nabi in Yagoyakarta. + Lailat al Miraj in Tehran + Obon in Tokyo + Summer Solstice at Stonehenge + Day of the Dead in Mexico City + Yom Kippur in New York.
Help us make Sacredan inclusive film and forward this to anybody you know who might want to film an event!
Major initial funding provided by George and Abby O’Neill.
SACREDis executive produced by Stephen Segaller, William F. Baker, and Julie Anderson, and is produced by Lan Trinh.
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