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2014 iDOCS Progress Report (Updated in June)

2014 iDOCS International Documentary Forum Progress Report

(Updated in June 2014)

All Dear Friends of iDOCS:

iDOCS is committed to making the 2014 edition the best ever event in Beijing China!

The 4th annual iDOCS International Documentary Forum will be taking place from December 12 to 16, 2014 at the Beijing Film Academy. Now we have finalized the film selection and is preparing for the next stage of the works leading up to the event.

Build on the success of the past three years, the 2014 edition will continue the signature programs  such as the Master Class, Case Study, Documentary Screenings and the highly popular Trailer Park. In addition, we will bring these wonderful films to more cities in China.

Among the honored guests of this year, we have invited several accomplished filmmakers who were born in the 70s and 80s, whose works, mostly their debut, have received worldwide recognition. These aspiring filmmakers had all gone through the similar struggle as that of many Chinese directors would experience before the success came to them. Some of these films took five to seven years to complete. Regardless of the severe shortage of financial resources, these young filmmakers fought their way out with an iron-willed determination and perseverance to deliver an extraordinary work. We believe their “survival” stories will become extremely valuable and encouraging lessons for many Chinese documentary filmmakers. We also hope that in the future, iDOCS could invite more young filmmakers from the world who are facing the similar situations to share their experience with us.

Funding and support from individuals and organizations are also essentials for 2014 iDOCS International Documentary Forum. In addition to individual donations, funding initiatives and grants, we welcome more professional filmmakers, students, and patrons of culture to join the process through purchasing tickets or registering industry events. Only with your participation would the 2014 iDOCS be a success.

The following list is the highlights of what we have accomplished so far:

* Successfully received venue sponsorship from the Beijing Film Academy

  • Nearly sixty award-winning documentaries have been approved by the local government for screening.
  • New iDOCS official website design and construction
  • Completion of the translation of the information of nearly thirty documentaries and ten film scripts. (Thanks for the awesome works by our volunteers.)
  • The institutes who have expressed intention to support the 2014 iDOCS include British Council, Embassy of Switzerland ,Embassy of Poland, THE FINNISH FILM FOUNDATION,Royal Netherlands Embassy, Eye Film, Embassy of Israel,, etc.

List of the selected films under consideration for presentation from twenty countries and regions

Opening Film:Happiness  or  Life of Stills

Closing Film:Stream of Love  or  The song of life

Israel: One Day After Peace/ life in Stills

Poland: Argentinean Lesson/Art of Freedom/ What Happened On Pam Island/ Phnom Penh Lullaby

Canada: The world before her / When I walk

France: HAPPINESS /Silence Radio

United States: First Cousin Once Removed/ Stop the Pounding Heart /

Denmark: Mercy Mercy /Ballroom Dancer

Switzerland: My Name Is Salt

Germany: The song of life / The Wagner Files

Netherlands: Awake In A Bad Dream / Water Children / Soldier On The Roof

United Kingdom: Salma / We Are Poets /

Australia: Blush of Fruit

South Korea: Captain Kang

Finland: Burden Of My Heart / Tales of Forest

Hungary: Stream Of Love

Chile: Nostalgia for the Light


Brazil: Elena

Serbia: I Will Marry Whole Village

List of the special guests under Consideration for invitation from fourteen counties and regions

Israel: Tamar Tal (Life in Stills, director, post-80s)

Australia: Jakeb Anhvu(Blush of Fruit, director, post-80s)

Brazil: PETRA COSTA (Elena, director, post-80s)

India: Farida Pacha (My Name is Salt, director, post-70s)

South Korea: Won Ho-Yeon(Captain Kang ,director)

United States:Alan Berliner (First Cousin Once Removed, director)

Canada:Nisha Pahuja (The World Before Her, director)

Netherlands:Petra Lataster-Czisch and Peter Lataster ( Awake In A Bad Dream, director)

United Kingdom:Kim_Longinotto (multi award-winning director)

Germany:Irene Langemann (The Song of Life, director)

Finland: Iris Olsson, Ville Suhonen, Kim Saarniluoto

Due to the recent internal management changes, starting from June 16, I will be in charge of all the aspects of the works related to the operation and programming of the 2014 edition, including international filmmaker coordination, fundraising, publicity, media relations, box office, industry event registration, volunteer management, translation, censorship submission, Chinese subtitling, media promotion, etc., Any further questions related to iDOCS, please email to, Please be aware, is the only official contact of iDOCS.

The iDOCS International Documentary Film Forum was founded by Cherelle Zheng. Ever since its launch back in 2009, the operation and programming of iDOCS has been primarily funded and organized by personal donations and passionate volunteers who are seeking to make contributions to a broader cultural understanding experience. In addition, we have also received valuable support from many international film festival partners and institutes.

The iDOCS was held successfully in 2009, 2010 and 2011 during the time 12th-16th in December in Beijing. World renowned documentary filmmakers invited to the three editions included Heddy Honigmann, Pirjo Honkasalo, Steve James, Larry Weinstein, etc. The establishment of iDOCS for the first time gave the Chinese audience a chance to watch the best documentary films from all over the world. The iDOCS screenings have attracted over 50,000 audiences and nearly 1,000 documentary filmmakers and fans have taken part in the iDOCS industry event. Feedbacks from the industry and media have been very positive. iDOCS has become a platform that bridges China with the world.

We thank you for your trust, partnership and contribution to make the 2014 iDOCS International Documentary Film Forum in Beijing the most successful!

We look forward to having more friends who love documentary and supports us!

Hope the 2014iDOCS bring you a new experience and achievement!

Open Eyes, Open Minds --@iDOCS2014

Cherelle Zheng

Founder & Executive Director

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