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iDOCS International Documentary Forum 2010 Narrative Report

The second iDOCS International Documentary Forum was successful held in Beijing Film Academy from Dec. 11th to 16th of 2010. This year iDOCS invited more international top documentary directors, producers, editors, and leaders who in charge of the industry and foundations. 5-day professional activities, more meaningful discussions of professional topics, more effective analysis on successful work in Master sessions, and the great success of the new unit Trailer Park.
The success of the 2010 iDOCS depend on every guest who attend forum, every industry colleagues who support iDOCS, every individual or organizations which help and support iDOCS, and every volunteers who give their labors with love selfless.
Date: Dec.11th to Dec. 16th 2010
Host: Beijing Film Academy   Beijing Channel Zero Media
Opening Ceremony & Opening Film: BFA Standard Theater (800 seats)
Screening: BFA Standard Theater (800 seats)
Professional Activities: BFA Medium Theater (236 seats)
Slogan: New Views Better World
“Life and Love” Theme of screening (Dec.11th to Dec. 16th 2010)
20 of the latest international award-winning documentary films screening
Opening Film: Babies (France)
Closing Film: So Much So Fast (USA)
Australia: A Good Man, English Surgeon, The Burning Season, Presumed Guilty
USA: Trouble The Water, Burning The Future: Coal in America, Racing Dream, Wo Ai Ni Mommy, No Crossover – The Trial of Allen Iverson
UK: Hold Me Tight,Let Me Go, English Surgeon, Presumed Guilty
Netherlands: The Player, Buddha’s Lost Children
Sweden: The Swindler, The Substitute
France: Nénette
Taiwan: Young at Heart: Grandma Cheerleaders, Spring: The Story of Hsu Chin-Yu
Austria: Pianomania
Professional Activities: (Dec.12th to Dec. 16th 2010)
The Current State of the International Documentary Festival and International Documentary Foundation:
Jan Vrijman Fund, Taiwan Documentary Foundation, Sweden Documentary Foundation
The establishment of documentary film policies in the overseas government and industry association
The history of Taiwan documentaries
Marketing, Distribution & Survival Strategy
Master Workshop
Master Class:
The case study of The Player (2009 IDFA Award Best Dutch Documentary) -- John Appel
The case study of The Burning Season (Canada International Film Rising Star Award) -- Cathy Henkel
The case study of Babies (2010 Hotdocs Opening Film) -- Thomas Balmes
Trailer Park:
Comments from international Masters on the selected trailer works by Chinese filmmakers -- John Appel、Cathy Henkel 、Thomas Balmes、 Gigi Wong
Case study: 
The case study of Up The Yangtze (Vancouver International Film Festival Best Canadian Documentary Award ) -- Yung Chang
Production Workshop:
Smart Editing – British documentary film editor Gigi Wong
Guest Invited
Netherlands: John Appel, Adriek van Nieuwenhuyzen
Australia: Cathy Henkel 
France: Thomas Balmès
Canada: Yung Chang , Peter Wintonick
USA: Martha Foster, Bristol Baughan, David Novack
Sweden: Johan Palmgren
UK: Gigi Wong  
Taiwan: Yang Li-Chou
Screening : 800 persons×19(opening and screening)+ 236 persons×1(closing)
              16000 attendances in total
Professional activities: [150 persons (Audience) + 20 persons (Media)]×5 days 
                    170 attendances in total
Attendants Composition: TV Workers, Film Production Company employees, Industry Associations, Independent Filmmakers, Scholars, Film festival workers and College Students.
Feedbacks from the audience
Every guest had shared their experience with the audiences, including the detail of making the film, such as how to decide the length of the Chinese subtitle. When talking about how to obtain the foundation support, the guests teached the audiences to fill the application form.
To myself, by learning these days, I not only understand some skill, but also learn how to apply for the foundation, so that my dream may come true.
In the end, I truly thank to the guests for their sincere professional attitude, and even more thanks to the friends of The Channel Zero Media for their sacrifice to create such a good atmosphere. I am looking forward to the iDOCS 2011.
——CCTV Li Jisong
Both seminar and films, even the forum itself, embody life-oriented, people-oriented, and character-oriented. Each foreign guest is very sincere, professional and glad to share his or her experience with audiences. Many films let us cry, let us feel intoxicated, happy and crazy. Just 5 days we now understand our world and walk into our heart. Although the forum has finished for several days, we are still in the "truth world" that the documentary films bring us. If I get chance, I will join the forum next year.
——Broadcast Television Bureau of Wuhan City Children’s Channel Shu Kai
Each master’s comments are very valuable. Thank you for bring us these good films and good film makers. And also, at the same time, I want to thank you for provide these film and text data in time. Thanks for your hard work.
——Key frame company choreographer Chang Xiangyu
Thanks for masters’ advises and understanding about our trailers. Mirroring style communication and contrast inspire me a lot.
——Independent director Zhang Zhanying
First of all, Thanks a lot. Second of all, very moving, Third of all, very inspiring.
——Anhui TV Station Ding Hong
Directors were very frank and very practical, explaining in great detail, very specific. That is the case study that we want
——Independent director Yu Ming
Explain with examples, very useful, very detailed and very specific
——CCTV choreographer He Dongli
Master’s teaching is straightforward and intuitive. I have learned a lot. And also my thinking is expanding a lot.
——Sichuan University Art School Wang Xin
Feedbacks from the guests
Thanks for this great opportunity to discover a new territory for documentary to me. It was full of promises and you can just feel being there how much China will generate so many fantastic docs in the coming years as so little has been done until now and the energy among young filmmakers is huge. Just for this reason, I really hope that iDOCS will keep growing in the coming years as we definitely need such a place to create connections and share our experiences.
Basically after such a short existence, this is a great achievement.
Nevertheless a few improvements can be done which is normal considering the low budget and tiny staff running this event. A better budget should allow some good consulting in the future especially on the technical aspect: the quality of the screenings MUST be improved.
As a foreigner, I also wished I would have had more opportunities to meet local filmmakers individually, and even meet more doc students.
I hope I will be able to come back very soon to do so and follow the improvements of this great event.
---- Thomas Balmés
Thank you so much for inviting me to your event. I have had a truly fascinating and remarkable week – and hope I have contributed something to the Forum.
This really is a great event for documentary filmmakers and I wish you every success in the future.
---- Cathy Henkel
You did a fantastic job with planning everything with the festival. Even though it was very short I thoroughly enjoyed it.
---- Johan Palmgren
Thank you for a lovely time in Beijing. I had a great experience and got to know many new friends. All the best for the next iDocs and hope to see you guys soon!
---- Gigi Wong
Thank you to have me here and you really did a great work!
---- Adriek van Nieuwenhuyzen
We had a great time in Beijing with iDOCS and hope to be back in Beijing once more, maybe I can give a workshop then.
---- John Appel
Thank you! It was an incredible experience for me to share Racing Dreams at iDocs. The questions from the audience were deeply thoughtful. I am so grateful that iDOCS created such a unique space for such rich cross-cultural dialogue. I hope to return for many years to come.
---- Bristol Baughan
Watching documentaries helps me to look at the world with a new view. Making docs make me to think about how to explain the world. As a doc filmmaker as well as an audience, I felt a great passion in 7° below zero. Thank iDOCS!
---- Yang Li-Chou
Media Reports:
Documentary Forum hits BeijingReel lives    By Xu Xu
SourceGlobal Times  12/14/2010
Twenty documentary movies including prize-winning films and brand new productions will be featured during a five-day International Documentary Forum (iDocs) in Beijing. It is the debut on the Chinese mainland for most of those movies coming from die rent countries and regions such as France, Australia and Taiwan. The forum, which was established last year, opened at the Beijing Film Academy on Saturday. With the slogan “Open Eyes, Open Minds”, the forum is a platform aimed at promoting documentary exchanges and cooperation between China and the world, introducing both the best movies and updated industry trends to Chinese documentary fans and insiders. Seminars and workshops will be held in addition to the screening of the documentaries. Prize-winning directors, famous producers and film editors will participate and communicate with film fans.……


Video: Thomas Balmès’ "Babies": The origin of human beings
Source:CCTV English Channel

" Bébés ": aux origines de l´être humain         By MA Chen
Source:  15/12/2010  09:35
Avez-vous déjà songé aux méthodes entrant dans la fabrication d’un documentaire? Aujourd’hui le réalisateur français Thomas Balmès nous emmène à l’Académie du film de Beijing pour nous présenter son dernier projet : " Bébés " .
Ponijiao en Namibie, Mari du Japon, Bayar un Mongol, et Hattie, une fillette américaine: quatre bébés venant de quatre pays. A entendre leur premier cri lorsqu’ils arrivent au monde, les spectateurs sont profondément touchés par l’histoire de leur évolution. Dans ce documentaire de moins de 80 minutes, nous allons suivre ces petits êtres au cours de leur première année de vie.
Thomas Balmès
Réalisateur du film "Bébés"
"Ecartant tout élément narratif,le docuementaire raconte simplement l’histoire des plus naturelles de quatre bébés. Ainsi une caméra centrée sur l’un des bébés enregistre ses changements soudains d’humeur, sa démarche maladroite à quatre pattes et autant d’autres éléments rappelant ces films tournés à la maison. Tout au long de la projection, il faut néanmoins faire une pause et réfléchir aux différences culturelles entre les quatre protagonistes."
" Si vous focalisez la caméra sur les bons éléments, et que vous y croyez, puis vous attendez,et là, vous verrez des choses extraordinaires."
" Ce documentaire est tourné avec une grande minutie et un grand sens de l’observation, y compris l’angle de la caméra et le jeu de lumières."
Distribué par le Studio Canal et Focus Features, le film "Bébés" a été choisi pour l’ouverture de l’édition 2010 du Forum international du Documentaire de l’association iDOCS. Pendant les 5 jours que durera cet événement, plusieurs documentaires, dont certains excellents venant du monde entier,seront projetés. Le forum se clôturera le 16 décembre prochain. 
Life’s first steps – The adventure of the world’s children   By He Jianwei 
SourceBeijing Today     14/12/2010
Everything is a great adventure for a newborn, but it’s an adventure soon forgotten unless someone is recording it.
French filmmaker Thomas Balmes spent 400 days capturing the lives of four infants born in different societies. Balmes says babies are the same, whether they are growing up surrounded by dirt and grass or modern housing.
His documentary, Babies, was the opening film at the second iDOCS International Documentary Festival in Beijing on December 11 at the Beijing Film Academy.……
Cathy Henkel, documentary director   
Source:  15/12/2010  17:55:41     Web Editor: Zhang Mengyuan
The iDocs International Documentary Forum is currently being held at the Beijing Film Academy. Documentary filmmakers from different countries are screening their latest works and giving master classes.

Cathy Henkel from Australia has been working as a writer, producer and director of documentaries since 1988. Her works have been well received and won many international awards. Her latest film, "The Burning Season," is being screened at the iDocs Documentary Forum.

Zhang Mengyuan talked to Henkel during the event
Martha Foster, Executive Director of LETV
Source: 15/12/2010 18:07:10   Web Editor: Zhangmengyuan
Unlike fictional films, documentary films are not as widely popular or profitable. Creating interesting and meaningful films and promoting them have always been a problem for documentary filmmakers.

Living Earth Television, or LETV, is an American nonprofit organization that develops programming from documentaries made by international filmmakers.

Martha Foster, the founder and Executive Director of LETV, has been working with Chinese documentary television broadcasters and producers for many years.

She talks about the current situation of Chinese documentaries with Zhang Mengyuan.
来源:法治周末   记者 刘雅婧
Forum Photos Review:
Review 1:

Audience: Let’s be quick to go inside!
 I have to join the opening ceremony, call me later


 Peter & Melanie Ansley host the opening ceremony

Guests Speech
Australian Embassy cultural attache Chen Zixia                     Cultural and Education Section of the English Embassy Arts First Secretary David Elliot 
Director of Beijing Film Academy graduate Sun Xin 
Master director make a short speech                          U.S.A Embassy Public Affairs Section Cultural Officer Dale G Kreisher

                             John Appel                                 Yang Li-Chou


       Martha Foster               Gigi wong                    

Thomas Balmés                        David Novack                           


                                                 Cathy Henkel                  Bristol Baughan                                                                                           

Beijing Channel Zero Media thank everyone’s support
Review 2:
Professional activities
The Current State of the Documentary Industry in Various Countries

The History of Taiwan Documentaries

IDFA and Jan Vrijman Foundation

Marketing, Distribution & Survival Strategy

Trailer Park

Comment on the selected works

Gigi’s funny comment


 Hello everyone!                               Workshop now begins!
How to make a good film?                     How to make a good film?
 Audience can ask question at anytime                               I am happy to share my experience

The Audiences are so enjoy the forum

Audiences are waiting for the film begin                                                                Audiences speak their feeling  
Yes, You please!                              Audience ask question
  Racing Dream Q&A                             Young at heart: Grandma Cheerleaders Q&A
Review 4:

Scissors, stone, cloth!

It’s time for lottery, who is winner?
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