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The Registration for 2011 iDOCS International Documentary Forum Begins
20 of the World’s Best Documentaries
10 of the World’s Most Influential Documentary Filmmakers
5 of the Most Unprecedented Days for Documentaries 
December 12—16th, 2011 Beijing Film Academy
 “iDOCS” International Documentary Forum is an international professional documentary exchange platform aimed at promoting the world’s excellent documentaries. It has got the official permission from the government and the support and recognition of IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam), the world’s most prestigious international documentary film festival. It has been successfully held for two years and is well received by the industry, the audiences and the media as well.
The 2011 iDOCS International Documentary Forum is going to be held on December 12th to 16th in Beijing Film Academy. Based on the successful experiences of the past two years, we’ll add Doc Library this year besides Master Classes Workshop, Topic Seminars, Screening and Trailer Park. We’ll include all the documentaries screened during iDOCS over the past hree years in the Doc Library. People who missed the chance of watching them in the theatre can enjoy them there.
2011 iDOCS adds iDOCS Documentary Funds aimed at subsidizing the new independent documentary filmmakers who are lack of money to get the chance of communicating with the international documentary masters. The iDOCS funds all come from individual donations. iDOCS has received lots of individual donations since 2009 which supports us to go this far. We hope to make good use of the money and their support. Chinese independent documentary filmmakers can apply for the full financial aid, 1,000 yuan or 500 yuan according to their economic conditions to take part in the 2011 iDOCS professional activities and screening.
Date: December 12th to 16th, 2011. (Five days)
Place: Beijing Film Academy.
Form: Professional activities: Topic Seminars/ Master Classes Workshop/TrailerPark
      Screening: The World’s Latest Award-Winning Documentaries/ Doc Library 
Slogan: New Views, Better World
Purpose: Let the Chinese documentary filmmakers know the current industry news and communicate with the world’s best professionals in documentary. Let the Chinese audience appreciate the world’s lastest award-winning documentaries.
Organizers: Beijing Film Academy, Channel Zero Media(
Industry support: IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam)
Institutional support: Embassy of Australia, Embassy of the United States, Cultural and Education Section, British Embassy, German Films Association, Danish Films Association.
Individual Donations: Xu Xiaoping, Zoe Tan, Aunt Jinjiao, Ms. Sun, Ms. Ye, Jin Rui, Mang Ping, Huang Kun
The Content of 2011iDOCS International Documentary Forum
1) Masters Workshop (Host+Guests)
 They combine cases with explanation which is so useful and detailed.
—— CCTV Director He Dongli
 The teachings of the masters are very direct. I’ve learned a lot and I should think through. My mind has been expanded.
—— Art School of Sichuan University Wang Xin
The whole production process of Melancholian 3 huonetta---- Pirjo Honkasalo (Finland)
The whole production process of Ms. Carey’s Concert---- Bob Connolly (Australia)
The whole production process of In Heaven Underground: The Weissensee Jewish Cemetery---- Britta Wauer (German)
The whole production process of Rough Aunties----- Kim Longinotto (England)
How to Make a Good Film Editing. ---- The Editing of Documentary. ---- Jesper Osmund(Danmark)
2) Topic Seminars (Host + Guests + Discussion)
 (Articulate expression, rich coverage and sincere sharing ----LASALLE Art School of Singapore Yin Yue)
The current condition of international documentary film festivals and funds: Hotdocs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival, ITVS
The rules and regulations related to documentary production by the overseas governmental organizations/societies
The development history, fund and transmission of Taiwan documentaries.
 “How to sell” “How to survive”---- The market and distribution of international documentaries.
The guest for Topic Seminars: Director of HotDocs Forum -- Elizabeth Radshaw, Taiwan Documentary Media Worker Union -- Yang Lichou/ Vice President of Programming at ITVS -- Claire Aguilar Danish Film Institute -- Malene Flindt Medersen/ German Films Producer -- Anke Redl
3) Trailer Park
Thank the masters for their understanding and suggestions to the Chinese filmmakers. I gained a lot through the mirror-like comparisons and communications.
——Zhang Jiakou TV Stationr Zhang Zhanying 
The participant should hand in a trailer. The masters will select 15 trailers to comment on the spot.
Learn what is a good trailer and how to make a good trailer.
For more information:
4) Theme Screening: Love never fails
 (Thanks for bringing us so wonderful films and filmmakers and providing us with the written materials of the films. Thank you for being so considerate. ——Chang Xiangyu Director from film production company
Screening Theme: Love never fails
Screening unit: Environmental Documentaries, the Earth and US/Beautiful Life/ We and Them/Multi-national Documentaries
Opening Film: In Heaven Underground: The Weissensee Jewish Cemetery
Closing Film: Mrs.Carey’s Film
America: One Lucky Elephant/ How to Die in Oregon/ Project Nim
Danmark:Blood in Mobile / The Dark Side of Chocolate  Switzerland:In The Garden of Sounds
Finland: The 3 Rooms of Melancholia/ Into Eternity 
Germany: In Heaven Underground: The Weissensee Jewish Cemetery / Herbstgold 
Netherlands: Divine Pig/ Position Among the Stars  England: Wasteland/ Rough Aunties
CanadaIn Search Of Mozart/ Inside Hana's Suitcase
Australia: Mrs. Carey's Concert/ Facing the Music/ Memoirs of a Plague
TaiwanThe Long Goodbye/Hand in Hand  IndiaLove Arranged  KoreaMy Barefoot Friend
 (According to the final review of State Administration of Radio Film and Television, there may be slight changes in the screening)
5) Doc Library
Audiences can watch all the documentaries screened over the past three years by iDOCS through the computers in Doc Library.
2009iDOCS Screening FilmsMad About EnglishSharkwaterForeverHow Hight Is the MountainSatoyama:Japan's secret watergarden, Hoop Dreams, Stevie, A Delicate Balance: The Truth, Unfolding Florence: The Many Lives Of Florence Broadhursts, To See, The Natural History of the Chicken, Mawson: Life and Death in Antarctica, Bomb Harvest, When We Were Boys, Rhythm Is It!, Trip to Asia: The Quest for Harmony, To The Limit, To Be And To Have, Black Gold, RiP: A Remix Manifesto, Forgetting Dad
20010 iDOCS Screening Films: Pianomania, Burning the future:coal in America, Babies, Buddha's Lost Children, Presumed Guilty, Young at Heart: Grandma Cheerleaders, ENGLISH SURGEON, Yeshi of Distant Land, Bedragaren , Wo ai ni mommy, The Player, No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson, Trouble the water, Spring: The Story of Hsu Chin-Yu,The Burning Season , A Good Man, Nénette, Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go, Racing Dreams, So Much So Fast
2011 iDOCS Film Screening: Love Never Fails Theme Screening (See more at 4)
How to participate:  For more information:010-88550624 Jiang Li
●  The Registration for Professional Activities
◆The registration for professional activities(200 people only)
Service Content:       
1.Get a representative card specially made for iDOCS International Documentary Forum
2.Attend the iDOCS International Documentary Forum opening ceremony and premiere.
3.Attend iDOCS International Documentary Forum Topic Seminars.
4.Attend iDOCS International Documentary Forum Masters Workshop.
5.Attend Trailer Park and your trailer will get the opportunity to be commented by the masters.
6.Get all the tickets for the world’s best documentaries to be screened in iDOCS International Documentary Forum.
7.  Free to watch more than 60 international aword-winning documentaries in 2011 iDOCS Doc Library.
8.  Get the brochures and materials for iDOCS International Documentary Forum.
9.Attend the dinner party and get in touch with the international guests.
10. Provide the information for accommodation, transportation and advance booking during the forum.
◆Registration Fee
Effective Time
Early Bird Price
1800 yuan/per person
Before September 1st, 2011
Regular Price
2200 yuan/per person
Before November 1st, 2011
Last minute Price
2500 yuan/per person
After November 1st, 2011

Note: the price is in accordance with the payment date.We provide special reductions if more than ten people buy together. Please contact LongJing(15210197796) or Coraline Zou(13811227762) for more information

●  Buy all the tickets for film screening.

◆The admission fee to excellent documentary screening: 200 yuan per person. (238sets for sale)

Purchasing procedure
Purchasers can hand in the information online or make reservations by phone ——→ Payment (Select one from the three kinds of payment: Make a phone call to 010-88550624 or send a text message to 15210197796 and tell us your name and time of payment) ——→ The organizing committee of iDOCS will phone you or send a text message to you for confirmation. ——→The organizing committee of iDOCS will inform you to when and where to get the tickets.
Ways of Payment
1. Postal Remittance:
Address:701C Building A Vantone Plaza, 2 Fuchenmenwai Avenue Xicheng District Beijing(100037),China     Contact person: Jiang Li
2. Bank Remittance:
Opening Bank: The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, (ICBC)Beijing Branch Beiwalu Subbranch(or Zizhuyuan Subbranch)
  Account number:622202 0200047324781  Account name:Zheng Qiong
3 Bank Remittance of the Company:
    Beijing Channel Zero Media   Account:01090307400120109053708  Opening Bank:Bank of Beijing, Beiwalu Branch
Registration for professional activities hotline010-88550623,88550624  Fax010-88550622  885506@gmail.cnom 
Contact persons Zou Juan, Long Jing
The contact person for film screening tickets: longjing
Media contact person: longjing Cell:15210197796
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